Industrial & Commercial Floor Scrubbers Perth


Get the best quality floor scrubbers with a trusted industry supplier

Knowing your exact cleaning requirements is crucial for selecting the right cleaning tools and machinery. Most of us would agree that scrubbing any surface is a tedious, yet necessary chore at times. Foot traffic and day-to-day activities can significantly wear down commercial spaces and increase the need for regular maintenance. The solution to this problem is to invest in a commercial floor scrubber. With the correct scrubber for your residential, business or industrial space, you can achieve results in a short period of time.

PowerVac is a leading stockist and distributor of a range of industrial and electric floor scrubbers in Perth, specialising in the supply of big brand names. Extensive experience working with commercial and industrial companies in Western Australia spanning 25 years makes us specialist service providers of cleaning equipment and services.

Choose the right tools for the job

If you are new to the industrial cleaning world, it would help you to know what options you have available to choose from. It would also benefit seasoned cleaners to know and understand what the different types of industrial scrubbers are used for.

Using powerful scrubbing machinery is highly beneficial and effective, especially when used for completing jobs on tougher and larger surfaces, which are harder and arduous to clean. Power scrubbers are ideal for this kind of job as they take the effort out of the job for you. But which scrubber machine is ideal for your surfaces? The size of your space, floor material and budget will go a long way in helping you to decide which product is best for you.

It’s all in the brand

Our range of commercial floor scrubbers cater to all budgets, from compact sizes to large industrial ride-on versions. We supply thousands of products under each of our quality of brand names. The scrubber brands that we supply include:

  • Tennant
  • Karcher
  • Nilfisk
  • Hako
  • Conquest
  • Numatic
  • Polivac

PowerVac offers an expansive selection of quality commercial floor scrubbers and cleaning products from these leading brands. Tennant’s expertise in the business, coupled with their leading technology innovations makes their products an obvious choice for indoor and outdoor cleaning. There are products to suit different price ranges and needs, such as the T1 Compact Scrubber for smaller cleaning jobs, all the way up to the T16 Industrial Ride-on Scrubber for larger, industrial spaces.

Our Karcher range features electric and industrial floor scrubber machines which can perform from the simplest of tasks to and complex, deep carpet cleaning and even large-scale maintenance cleaning. Numatic is also a very popular brand that has become a household name. With their sturdy construction and user-friendly designs, Numatic floor scrubbers can weather any environment with ease. All the brands that we stock are of the highest quality and our assortment is large enough to cater for any budget.

Rental and finance options

PowerVac understands that equipment purchases may be a big commitment to make. That is why we offer cleaning equipment for hire in Perth. If you value clean spaces like us and your budget is a little tight, you can always opt to use one of our finance and rental options to get your hands on the equipment that you need. PowerVac offers you flexible leasing and rental options and repayment terms. Short term commercial equipment rentals allow you the benefit of using our machines for brief periods without making long-term commitments, while our leasing option connects you with finance companies that assist you with comprehensive, cost effective lease agreements. Bigger businesses with loftier budgets can purchase a fully maintained rental that includes a lease option with maintenance services included. Whatever your preference and budget, there is a solution for you.

Dirty warehouse, messy kitchens and grimy workshop floors – at PowerVac, we have the best commercial and industrial scrubber machines in Perth. Our industrial cleaning range includes thousands of products and we guarantee that you will be happy with any product that you choose. With the assistance of our team, we guarantee that we’ll bring you the ultimate cleaning solution.

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