Commercial & Industrial Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners create dry steam at 150°C+ for cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces. While used industrially, steamers can also be used extensively in healthcare, hospitality, and other commercial environments for effective cleaning purposes.

At PowerVac, we carry steamers for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Steam and steam vacuum machines are both available in our range (as shown below).

While steam units simply pump out steam, the steam vacuum machines also have the ability to collect condensed steam and released dirt and soil back into the machine for disposal. As such, steam cleaners can clean and sanitise surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals, and they also use only small amounts of water to clean relatively large areas.

Be it for commercial, industrial or domestic use, PowerVac can offer you the best quality and price for steam cleaners across the range. We recommend that you consult a member of our team to discuss which steamer might be most ideal for you.

For any questions or to seek advice regarding our products, please get in touch today via (08) 9242 4751 or send us an enquiry.