Industrial & Commercial Floor Sweepers Perth

Get the best quality commercial floor sweepers with a trusted industry supplier

Sweepers are used for the collection of dry waste from hard surfaces both indoors and outdoors. From manually operated sweepers for smaller areas, through to ride on and street sweeping machines for industrial areas, PowerVac has a floor cleaner solution for all your needs. Our walk behind sweepers are 5 to 10 times more productive then a broom and offer dust-controlled sweeping. Don’t just move dust around your facility – by using a sweeper, you can collect and dispose of dust and other waste material. Commercial sweepers are an efficient way to improve health and safety, improve image, and prevent damage and contamination of stock.

What should you look for when buying the ideal industrial floor cleaner? Quality, of course. We agree that the upkeep of your home, business and industrial space involves a lot of work. Our understanding of your challenge means that we have made several efforts to ensure that your cleaning jobs are simplified.

The days of using the good old broom stick and a dust pan are long gone. Modernisation and practicality are fused together to produce an efficient solution to customers in the form of commercial floor sweepers. Sweepers ensure healthy and safe, aesthetically appealing environments. They are also a great way to maintain cleanliness and prevent damage and contamination of stock in factories and warehouses. This is especially ideal for industrial and warehouse spaces with the use of industrial floor sweepers. If you’re a private buyer, we also have something for you. We supply the world’s leading brand names in the industrial cleaning equipment industry and can help you complete the job efficiently and with minimal effort.

Our product range

With an extensive range of industrial floor sweepers available for sale or lease, PowerVac has a product for every situation. Our equipment are durable and reliable, ideal for a range indoor and outdoor of applications. Taking into consideration the type of work that floor cleaners perform, our industrial floor sweepers are designed with dust control features for an optimal cleaning experience. The brands that we have for sale include:

  • Tennant
  • Nilfisk
  • Conquest
  • Karcher
  • Hako
  • Comac
  • Numatic
  • Polivac

Choosing the right floor cleaner for you

1. Brand promise

Buying industrial floor cleaners from PowerVac guarantees that you will always receive the best quality available on the market. We have only the best industry brands available for sale, with over nine different brands to choose from. Each manufacturer includes several models in each range, for small to industrial scale cleaning jobs.

2. Intended use

Often, you would buy equipment to simplify a task. In the case of floor sweepers, the intended space will always determine the size of the floor cleaning equipment that you need. Manually operated floor sweepers are intended for use in smaller spaces, while larger machines would be used for industrial or street sweeping. Regardless of your budget, always consider the intended use of the machinery before making your purchase. We have the right tools for every project.

3. Does it save you time?

The basis of the appeal of purchasing electronic cleaning equipment is to reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning. With that said, the bigger your floor sweeper, the faster and easier it is to complete the job. Do remember though, that some sizes may just not be practical for use in certain spaces. ‘Walk behind’ floor sweepers service the smallest spaces and for the largest industrial spaces, high powered ride on warehouse sweepers are just the tool for you.

4. Safety considerations

For commercial spaces, safety is one of the major considerations when purchasing equipment of any kind. The products you choose should be safe to use and should also tie in with any other philosophies that you foster, including eco-friendliness and energy consciousness. PowerVac has a range of industrial floor cleaners available for sale that can be matched to your unique requirements.

We have an excellent track record trading for over 25 years in Perth and Western Australia. The world-class products we supply are only matched by our professional team of experienced customer service consultants. Not only do we supply floor cleaning machines and sweepers, we supply a wide range of cleaning equipment, including chemicalsconsumables and spare parts. We simplify your cleaning jobs by offering you industrial, factory and floor sweepers for the collection of dry waste from hard surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Our quality guarantee is our promise to your business.

For more information on commercial floor sweeper available for hire or sale in Perth, contact us today.