Window Cleaning Equipment Perth

At PowerVac, we carry a comprehensive range of window cleaning equipment and tools in Perth. PowerVac’s range includes traditional professional grade window washing tools, squeegees, and extension poles.

As well as that, PowerVac also specialises in pure water and water fed pole window cleaning systems. Using DI (De-ionisation) and/or RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters, window cleaning can be carried out with pure water which leaves no streaks or marks after washing and drying. This method also does not require squeegeeing. Combining pure water and water fed poles is ideal for high and hard-to-reach windows. As well as that, using pure water is also ideal for cleaning solar panels. Nonetheless, our poles are available in a range of grades and lengths to suit your Perth window cleaning equipment needs.

For regular high-level work, carbon fibre and high modulus carbon fibre poles are also available at PowerVac. These poles are extremely light and rigid. Top of the line poles are capable of cleaning at heights of up to 6 storeys. Basic systems are available for residential use, and custom systems can be created for any professional requirement.

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