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The need for BEDROCK

Most modern metalised acrylic sealer finishes whilst giving excellent buffability, gloss and scuff resistance fail to provide long term resistance to spillages from food, drink and chemicals found mainly in shopping malls, supermarkets and industrial situations. Adhesion and penetration is another area that normal floor finishes fail to provide maximum performance. This leads to fast wearing in traffic lanes particularly on old floors and terrazzo due to poor penetration and grip into and below the surface.

BEDROCK is an old idea updated to the technology of today

BEDROCK is a pure acrylic emulsion manufactured under a high pressure process which fuses all components together at the same time reducing the polymers molecule size. This smaller molecular structure increases penetration deep into the surface, dramatically improving its bond to the floor as well as improving its leveling and pore filling power without yellowing. BEDROCK restores the colours of old floors and smoothes out the hills and valleys to provide a better key and gloss for the finish coats.

Water and detergent resistance – longer Life

Strong detergents, supermarket spillage’s in the dairy and vegetable areas are all breaking up the floor finishes you are applying in regular and expensive monotony. BEDROCK helps improve the gloss of the topcoat as well as improving the detergent and spill resistance of the total system. BEDROCK dramatically improves auto scrub resistance as well.


The more absorbent the surface, the more the need for BEDROCK. Commercial vinyl tile found in supermarkets are one of the main areas where BEDROCK will improve the performance of the total system.