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Comac CS140 Industrial Road Sweeper

 Engine  Diesel
 Working Width  1400-2620 mm
 Max Speed  40 km/h
 Capacity  3.5 m² total / 2 m² usable
 Filter Area  50 m²
 Dump Height  Up to 1800 mm


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Large capacity heavy duty road sweeper

  • The Comac CS140 Twin Action, 3.5 m³, combines the performance of two machines in one single particularly compact machine, providing two actions (sweeping and vacuuming) in one solution and ensuring maximum quality results.
  • The innovative combined “Twin Action” system developed by Comac includes the central brush and two screw conveyors (augers) which operate simultaneously with suction operation to guarantee maximum efficiency in dirt collection: while mechanical action collects waste, suction action draws in the finer dust.
  • With a minimum working width of 1400 mm, CS140 is suitable to clean urban areas, such as roads or parking spaces and industrial areas, such as metallurgy plants and cement factories; the Twin Action system allows operation even on bumpy road surfaces, since no rigid element is in contact with the ground. As a consequence tree roots or protruding manholes are not a problem. The hydraulic support and the presence of the flaps, ensure a constant pressure on the ground for the brush independently of wear or the terrain, for maximum cleaning results.
  • CS140 Twin Action is equipped with Industrial Open Power engine version which is specifically sized for continuous applications at constant speed with reduced consumption: for this reason it is suited to continuous heavy-duty work, even for a daily cycle of eight hours non-stop.
  • CS140 Twin Action uses the central brush continuously, thereby ensuring higher quality cleaning because it is uniform for the entire width of the brush. In view of the innovative system which concentrates work on the central brush and limits the use of the side brushes, the machine comes standard equipped with only the right side brush, while the left brush is optional. As a consequence the use of water is significantly reduced, since it is employed only in a nebulized form limited to the external part of the side brushes in order to control flying dust, without wetting the ground. A third brush is also available, useful to collect debris from areas far from the machine.
  • The large filtering surface (50m²) and the efficiency of the dusty air intake distribution system over the entire surface ensure continuity of performance over time: these characteristic together with the materials chosen (polyester and cotton) and the powerful action of the filter shaking system ensure only perfectly clean air is returned to the environment.

Comac CS140 Industrial Road Sweeper Video