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Conquest Eco Sweep 360 Battery Powered Street Sweeper

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INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S FIRST BATTERY POWERED SUCTION SWEEPER An urban street sweeper which features revolutionary technology that overcomes the limitations of traditional diesel units to provide a street sweeping solution that is quiet, emission free, and environmentally friendly, all in a compact and easy to use design. ECOSWEEP 360 FEATURES
  • Zero pollution
  • Noise free operation
  • 8 hours continuous sweeping without recharging
  • Powerful drive motors can climb hills and inclines up to 30%
  • 360 litre wheelie bin waste hopper
  • Self supporting body
  • Electric steering
ZERO EMISSIONS The Conquest EcoSweep360 is 100% electric powered therefore does not produce any polluting emissions. NOISE FREE The electric power supply for transmission, sweeping, and suction ensures low acoustic emissions are produced to achieve minimum levels of noise. DUST CONTROL The effective dust control system features a 10 sqm filter which retains dust particles up to PM10 with a filtration degree of 99.8%. For additional dust control, both brushes are equipped with water nozzles which are connected to a 110 litre stainless steel water tank. ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE The Conquest EcoSweep360 is driven by direct coupled motors which totally eliminate the need for hydraulics and remove the risk of accidental spilling and burst hoses which commonly lead to oil-damaged pavements or harmful liquids getting into drains and waterways. COMPACT DESIGN The compact design of the EcoSweep360 makes it ideal for sweeping narrow streets, sidewalks and cycle paths, underground areas such as parking lots, and even disabled walkways. OPERATING CONVENIENCE The 360 litre bin provides a perfect solution for sweeping public spaces where dumping facilities are not always available. The bin can be simply changed allowing the sweeper to continue working without the need to travel back to a dedicated dumping facility. UNBEATABLE PERFORMANCE The electric drive systems, electric controls and electric monitoring of all functions achieve maximum performance and high autonomy without producing pollution. With a maximum hill climbing ability of 30% and up to 8 hours operating time, the Conquest EcoSweep360 is an unrivalled product when it comes to performance. REDUCED OPERATING & MAINTENANCE COSTS The absence of combustion engine and hydraulic systems ensures a significant reduction of mechanical failure and consequent substantial saving in operating and maintenance costs. The ability of the EcoSweep360 to clean areas which previously required manual cleaning due to high environmental sensitivity or space restrictions results in better work for operators and simultaneously increases the area cleaned per working hour. FULL VERSATILITY The innovative features of the EcoSweep360 make it the perfect sweeper for both indoor and outdoor areas. The EcoSweep360 is an unrivalled suction sweeper for:
  • Historic centres
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Cycle paths
  • Public parks
  • Golf courses / sport facilities
  • Resorts and camping grounds
  • Shopping complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Cemeteries
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial areas
  • Narrow streets
  • Protected areas

Eco Sweep 360 Video

PowerVac introduces the Eco Sweep 360 a powerful battery powered sweeper ideal for council cleaning applications. Quiet and efficient the Eco Sweep 360 goes about its work fume free and without disturbing other people