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Delfin DG 50 EXP Industrial Vacuum

Power 3Phase 400V 50Hz
Max Waterlift 3200mmH2O
Max Airflow 420m³/h
Suction Inlet 80mm
Noise Level 72dB(A)
Filter Type Star
Filter Surface Diameter 30,000cm²
Filter Material Polyester
Filter Cleaning System Manual
Collection System 100L Roll-out Container
Dimensions 118cm x 66cm x 145cm
Weight 145kg


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The DG50 EXP is the direct result of Delfin’s twenty years of expertise in the construction of three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners.
Like most of our vacuum cleaners these find application in almost any industry and professionals sector. Large capacity, power and robustness make it a safe investment for any enterprise.

The suction unit is a side channel blower, with direct coupling between the motor and the impeller fan. It designed without any transmission system, and is therefore silent, totally maintenance free and suitable for continuous duty operations.

It is possible to clean the filter using an integrated mechanical system: an external lever shakes the filter vertically and enables to clean the filter thoroughly and safely, maintaining constant suction performance and preventing any dispersion of dust in the environment. The large surface star filter, located inside the filter chamber, is made of polyester and provides high resistance against clogging and passage of fine dust. A vacuum gauge enables to check constantly the state of the filter and detect possible clogging, warning the operator that the filter must be cleaned.

The vacuumed material is collected into a wheeled steel detachable container, which can be extracted for easy disposal and can be used with optional disposable bags, for safer and handier disposal.

Various other versions available – Delfin DG50 IECEC Longopac, DG50 EXP IECEX, DG50/70 EXP Z22 Inert, DG50 EXP PN, DG50 EXP Asbestos TUV, DG50 EXP Z20-Z21/22, DG50 EXP Z22, DG EXP 50 SE