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With today’s fashion trends, comes the widespread use of white and light coloured cut pile and Berber style carpets. These light plain colours obviously show up stains and marks. On some fibres, these stains and overall surface dulling have been particularly difficult to remove or lighten – until now.

POWER PLUS has been developed, not only to boost the stain removing capability of carpet extraction liquid or powders, but to give an overall brightness to colours and remove the “grey look” in traffic lanes from white wool and the lower priced loop pile acrylic, polypropylene, polyester and old nylon carpets widely used today.


By adding POWER PLUS to your regular solution of SURGE in the extraction tank of portable extraction machines, you are in effect, triggering a chain reaction which liberates extra cleaning power.

The hotter the water, the greater benefit POWER PLUS gives you. Water temperatures of 70 degrees C for wool and up to 80 degrees C for synthetics are recommended.


POWER PLUS works in three ways. It acts as a water softener to remove the “soap scum” and old detergent residues already on the carpet and to boost the performance of the cleaning agent you are using. It oxygenates the fibres thus killing bacteria and odour. Microscopic amounts of optical brightener are expelled onto the fibre creating higher fluorescence to whites and colours. Carpet actually appears brighter and new-looking.


POWER PLUS greatly increases the performance of truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. Most operators find that adding POWER PLUS to a hot pre-spray solution gives incredible results on heavily stained hotel/club carpets; white wools and heavily soiled low cost man-made fibres. It also may be combined with SURGE extraction cleaner in the concentrate tank; however activity is dissipated on long storage of solution.


By adding POWER PLUS to your cleaning tank, you are liberating extra cleaning power at a fraction of the cost of double passing. It gives you one pass cleaning even on the heaviest levels of soil. Just add your regular amount of SURGE then add the recommended amount of POWER PLUS. The difference will amaze you