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Spitfire Lavender – Carpet Pre-Spray

From: $49.90


SPITFIRE LAVENDER is recognized as being one of the best carpet pre-spray for the professional carpet cleaning industry as well as for Hospitals, Hospitality and the contract cleaning field. SPITFIRE LAVENDER is the leader because nothing cleans carpet faster and removes more stains as you clean.No matter what your equipment, truck mounted, portable extractors or Duplex type floor washer – the results are the same – BRILLIANT.SPITFIRE LAVENDER has changed. It now works even better, giving pale colours and whites a visibly cleaner and brighter result – brighter and cleaner than ever seen before. Our Lavender aroma has been consumer panel tested, winning the most favourable response of six fragrance types. In simple terms – Your customers will love it.

New technology ingredients

“Fastbreak” greasy soil remover is a newly developed surface active agent that quickly emulsifies oily and greasy soils, suspends from the carpet fibres so they rinse completely away in the extraction of hot water rinse. This new “Fastbreak” technology allows the oily soil to separate away from the waste water and float to the surface so that it may be collected in building grease traps, grid separators as well as sewerage treatment plants rather than to escape into the ocean where it may pollute beaches and destroy marine life.

Impending regulations regarding the disposal of oily soils have already been implemented into the food and meat industry and will be introduced into the carpet industry in the near future. With improved performance SPITFIRE you are ready for the future now – Why not tell your customers about it and how you are using it to reduce pollution of our waterways.

Be on the look out for pre-sprays that are demonstrated to solubilise oils, these are bad for our environment.

Improved deodorant qualities – tested as low irritant

Once you switch to improved performance SPITFIRE LAVENDER your customers will immediately comment on the new aroma – its nice. We haven’t made it so strong that you can’t use a deodorant treatment if the carpet requires it after cleaning.

Stain release fibres

These are new generation shape fibres or carpets using a stain resistant finish that may be affected by a cleaner with a pH of over 9. SPITFIRE lavender when used as recommended is within manufacturers specifications for these fibres.

SPITFIRE LAVENDER’s formulation is gentle to the coating that is placed on the fibre to improve the stain and soil release qualities.

Extreme economy in use

Most carpet pre-sprays need to be used at 1 to 10 parts water on old “hard to clean” acrylics and polyester (nylon) carpets to achieve a good cleaning result. Improved performance SPITFIRE LAVENDER works effectively at between 1 to 20 and 1 to 30 parts water on these hard to clean fibres.

There is no need to add chemical into your solution tank or truck mount injection system – this effectively reduces re-soil rate as well as chemical use.

Meets Australian and New Zealand standards on pH

Every drop of SPITFIRE LAVENDER made is tested to meet and comply with the AUSTRALIAN STANDARD for carpet cleaning chemicals. This ensures that the carpet you clean never is left with a destructive high pH, even if you forget to rinse or your machine breaks down during the job. If ever a problem and litigation occurs, you have an extra leg to stand on. You should always specify that the pre-spray you use meets this Australian and New Zealand Standard 3733. Why not ask whether your current product complies or just switch to SPITFIRE LAVENDER.