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Tennant T5e scrubber with ec-H20


Discontinued Replaced by the Tennant T500e Scrubber


 Scrub Path Disk  600,700, or 800 mm
 Scrub Path Cylindrical  650, or 800mm
 Solution Tank  85 L
 Recovery Tank  102 L
 Power Supply  24 V
 Noise Level  67 dB



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Discontinued Replaced by the Tennant T500e Scrubber


Powerful walk behind floor scrubber with optional ec-H20T

ec-H2OT technology electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals.

Cleans Effectively
Real-world testing by customers and a third party has shown that scrubbing with ec-H2O technology effectively removes soil.  And ec-H2O leaves no chemical residue so your floors retain that polished look with simplified ongoing floor maintenance.

Saves Money
Using ec-H2O technology can deliver cost savings and productivity gains by reducing training, purchasing, storing, handling, and mixing tasks and costs associated with floor cleaning chemicals.

Increases Safety
NFSI certifies that ec-H2O technology significantly improves floor traction, which can reduce slip-and-fall incidents. NSF registration means that ec-H2O is safe to use even in food and beverage handling environments.

Reduces Environmental Impact
ec-H2O technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of cleaning operations in seven key categories according to a third-party study by EcoForm. Scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water and use 70% less water than conventional floor scrubbing methods.

Professional Scrubber

  • Reach a higher level of cleanliness, health, and safety.
  • Available with scrub head sizes 600, 700, 800mm, and either disc of cylindrical brushes to match any cleaning task.
  • US made quality and reliability. Choose a Tennant backed by PowerVac for great cleaning results and a long service life.

Key reliability and performance features


  • Battery power provides OH&S-recognised, whisper-quiet operation.
  • Parabolic, no hassle squeegee system has the optimum blade angle for worry-free, complete solution recovery.

PowerVac Tennant T5e Operator Training Video

T5e Operator Training – Learn how to use and care for your Tennant T5e floor scrubber.

Tennant ecH20 chemical free cleaning technology

Learn about Tennant’s unique ech20 system and how it works.

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