Industrial cleaning equipment in Perth

Floor scrubbers, polishers, sweepers, & industrial vacuums

When it comes to all your cleaning equipment needs, whether it’s for a residential, commercial or industrial property, we have exactly what you need. We are one of the largest stockists of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment in Western Australia, meaning we can sort out your cleaning needs quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Order online or contact us for more information, we sell and hire out equipment.

No matter what your cleaning needs, whether it’s for the biggest factory or smallest office, we have a range of commercial cleaning equipment and accessories to suit all types of cleaning jobs. From filthy warehouse floors, to graffiti covered walls and dirty carpets, we have an affordable cleaning solution for you. We stock thousands of products for a variety of cleaning uses, Tell us what your needs are and we’ll sort it for you, quickly and efficiently.

Industrial vacuums

Vacuum the largest industrial premises with the best vacuum cleaners in the business. From smaller units suitable for homes, to larger industrial ride-on versions for those extra-large properties, we stock it all. Efficient commercial cleaning solutions from your local cleaning specialists.


Clean your hard floors and keep them clean with our industrial floor scrubbers. Powerful and efficient, this equipment will clean even the dirtiest of areas. We stock a wide range of well-known brands of floor scrubbers capable of taking on the toughest jobs.


Clean your premises of all dry waste, both indoors and out. We offer manually operated sweepers for smaller area and street-sweeping machines for larger areas. Way more effective than brooms, our sweepers are hardy and make cleaning quick and effective, and they utilise less resources.

Pressure washers

Use a high-pressure washer to clean your commercial or industrial walls, floors and equipment. We offer a wide range of pressure cleaners including both hot and cold water versions, and diesel, petrol and electric versions as well.


Keep your floors spotless with a polisher from your specialist commercial cleaning equipment suppliers. We stock a range of polishers from lightweight manual units to high-end industrial versions.


Steamers are highly effective, chemical free cleaners which can take care of the toughest jobs. We stock both entry level and heavy weight industrial units.

Contact Perth’s commercial cleaning specialists. We sell a huge range of equipment and cleaning supplies and accessories. We are your one-stop-shop to workplace cleanliness, resulting in a more efficient, productive and pleasant environment to work in.