DRIEAZ Defendair HEPA 500 Air Scrubber

Price : $1,925.00
Product Code : DRIDEFEND500
  • Designed for Restoration.
  • Highly portable package.
  • Versatile air scrubber and negative air machine.
  • Advanced air scrubbing performance.
  • High efficiency air filtration and great versatility.
  • HEPA filter media with an efficiency rating of 99.97% against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles.
  • When used with the optional DOP 2nd stage filter, the HEPA 500 meets first-pass filtration requirements.
  • Optional Activated Carbon Filter allows quick and effective attack smoke and other noxious odors.
  • Suitable for sewage, mold, or fire damage and bad-smelling gasses.
  • Addresses these air-quality issues quickly and effectively.
  • Maintain a clean, odor-free indoor environment for your technicians and your customers.
  • Advanced filtration technology.
  • Daisy chain capability – link up to 3 units on 1 power outlet.
  • Variable CFM on each unit – up to 1500 CFM per 15-amp circuit.
  • Stackable, lightweight, and easily transportable.
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