Karcher BRC40/22 Carpet Cleaner

  • The Karcher BRC 40/22 C changes the way carpets are cleaned by driving innovation forward.
  • From the market leader in carpet care, the industry’s first self-contained, walk forward carpet extractor with an articulating head to drive an increase in productivity, and bring enjoyment back to cleaning carpets.
  • Currently, 30% of the cleaning activity with a self-contained extractor is wasted motion by having to walk forward with the machine tilted back to begin the next cleaning pass.

Customer benefits

  • Provides superior customer value through a 30% minimum productivity gain to directly reduce labour costs
  • Easy to manoeuvre under and around obstacles with reduced operator fatigue
  • Reduced carpet dry time to provide faster turnaround times for areas being cleaned
  • Extraction or encapsulation capability
  • Ergonomic operation thanks to the 200° turn able head and the steering wheel

Rental Price : Lease from $46 + GST per week

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Karcher BRC40/22 Video

Find out about the features and basic use and care on the Karcher BRC40/22

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