Kerrick Riviera Carpet Extractor

Price : $3,355.00
Product Code : NKRIVIERA
  • The Kerrick Riviera has been a highly successful unit over the last 25 years. It has been widely used by contract carpet cleaners, the automotive industry and in the hospitality industry.
  • The dual vacuum motors allow removal of up to 90% of all moisture from the carpet or upholstery thus allowing minimal drying times.
  • The Riviera comes complete with a very functional 8 meter vac hose and a heavy duty, alloy carpet wand, and upholstery tool.
  • This carpet shampooer has large capacity clean water and waste tanks, meaning the operator isn’t constantly emptying/filling the tanks.
  • Emptying the waste tank is made easier for the operator with a drain hose.
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