NSS Stallion 8SC

Product Code : NSS8SC

Carpet Scrubber  MADE IN THE USA

The Stallion 8SC’s maneuverability and deep-down cleaning make it the perfect extractor for restoration of small and medium-sized carpeted areas.

  • The Stallion 8SC blasts solution into the carpet through its three stainless steel jets. The embedded dirt is agitated by the floating brush, which automatically adjusts to different carpet pile heights.
  • The solution and loosened soil are then extracted through a cast aluminum vacuum  shoe by the powerful 3 stage vacuum motor.
  • 30L solution and recovery tanks minimize the time spent emptying and refilling tanks, increasing productivity.
  • The hinged, rotocast polyethylene body provides easy access to internal components, simplifying maintenance.
  • The Stallion 8SC has an accessory connector for use with optional hose nad wand or upholstery cleaning tools.
  • Easy to use with conveniently laid out controls
  • Optional squeegee for hard floor scrubbing.

Ideal for offices, hotel rooms, and other areas where carpet restoration is required the Stallion 8SC is a workhorse built for the rigors of heavy-dutycommercial use.


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Tanks  30 L
 Pump  100 psi
 Scrubbing Width  41 cm
 Spray Jets  3
 Vacuum  1400 W Triple fan
 Weight  38 Kg