Santoemma Mini Foam – Upholstery Cleaner

Product Code : SAN011

Specialised machine for rapid cleaning and drying of upholstery and padded textiles

  •  A special cleaning foam is sprayed on upholstery, agitated, and sucked up again.
  • The foam does not penetrate deep inside the fabric and therefore allows a much faster drying after cleaning.

Main application fields: cleaning of padded seats in trains, ferries, planes, cinemas, theatres, bus seats and inside of cars. Also recommended for armchairs and sofas in places where a fast drying is necessary, such as for example in hotels and airports.

Advantages of Santoemma Sabrina Foam:

  • The drying time is extremely short: seats are completely dry in about 20 minutes.
  • The foam cleaning system allows you to clean seats very quickly
  • Old foam cleaning systems required three different cleaning units (compressor + air tank + wet vacuum). With Sabrina Foam the three units are combined in one single machine

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