Santoemma Sabrina Maxi carpet extractor

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Product Code : SAN002

Santoemma Sabrina-Maxi is a professional machine for cleaning medium areas of carpet

  • Strong, compact, easy to transport, and easy to use.
  • Good capacity and power, while being extremely portable.
  • Sabrina Maxi is provided with the 30cm stainless and aluminium wand for carpets with triple jet nozzles.
  • Optional hand-tools are available in plastic or aluminium, suitable for cleaning upholstery and vehicle detailing.

Main application fields: cleaning companies, schools, hotels and hospitality, vehicle and upholstery detailing, buses, trains and planes.

Machines available for short term hire or long term rental.

Please see below our full operator training and maintenance video on the Sabrina Maxi


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 Tanks Solution Tank 30 litres
Recovery Tank 30 litres
 Pump  135 psi
 Water Flow  4.5 l/min
 Vacuum Motor  1600 Watt Twin Fan
 Weight  22 Kg
 Water Lift  2000mm
 Airflow  80 litres/second
 Hose  38mm, 5 metres
 Dimensions  380w x 500l x 775 h