Santoemma Sabrina Mini carpet extractor

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Product Code : SAN001
  • The Santoemma Sabrina Mini is a machine especially designed to clean smaller areas of carpet and upholstery.
  • Despite its small size the Sabrina is a robust and powerful unit for professional use.
  • The roto moulded tanks hold 14L each and are virtually indestructable.
  • The Sabrina is provided with the wand for carpet and hard floor.
  • The hand tool for cleaning upholstery and inside of cars is optional.

Main application fields: hotels, private houses, offices, shops, rental companies, car washes, carpet shops and cleaning companies.

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 Tanks  14 L
 Pump  55 psi
 Flow  1.5 L/min
 Vacuum  1000 W Twin Fan
 Cable  10 M
 Weight  12 Kg