Platinum Housekeeping Cart – Dual Handle

Product Code : OJC-3200D
  • Dual handle / laundry bag feature improve ease of use and make it ideal for high volume workloads.
  • Foldable handle assembly and rear platform to reduce space when stored.
  • Laundry bag lid to hide rubbish contained within the laundry zip bags included.
  • Complete with hook clips ideal for holding 25mm handles in place and hanging lobby pans and A frame signs.
  • Ergo bucket (OIW-100) footprint on front base to hold bucket in place.
  • 4 compartment bottle holder compatible with OPB-001 / OPB-002.
  • All original OatesĀ® Janitorial Platinum accessories are compatible on the OJC-3200D, OJC-3100C & OJC-3000ZX.
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