Kranzle K1000 Quadro

Heavy duty three phase cold water pressure washer

  • Integrated trolley made of stainless steel
  • 7.5m power lead
  • Cable reel
  • Integrated hose reel
  • 20m steelweave high pressure hose
  • This machine is a more efficient pressure cleaner with an on- board water tank. The large water tank is used as a reservoir and is a buffer between water supply and pump.
  • Spray gun with safety cut-out
  • Turbokiller nozzle with stainless steel lance – OPTIONAL
  • Flat-jet nozzle with stainless steel lance
  • Total-Stop function with delayed motor cut-out
  • Fully adjustable pressure control
  • Dry-run safety
  • Solid brass pumphead
  • Ceramic coated pistons
  • 4 large robust wheels with solid rubber tyres for added stability
  • Shock absorbing buffers made of stainless steel front & rear.

Kranzle’s answer to Industrial needs – the QUADRO !

This ‘top of the range’ cold water unit will handle the most demanding industrial or commercial cleaning applications with ease! Rated for 3200psi working pressure, (optional Turbo-Killer nozzle boosts cleaning power to 4450psi), and a maximum water flow of 16 litres per minute). Includes 20m high pressure hose on the built-in hose reel. The high performance Kranzle 1000 is a more efficient high pressure cleaner with the addition of an on-board water tank. Latest detergent injection technology means that this machine yields 30% more cleaning power at the gun than competitors models! Ideal for truck wash bays, food processing plants, wineries and numerous other applications.

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