Conquest EDGE Stick Floor Scrubbing and Stripping Machine

Product Code : CEDGE 20HD

The Conquest EDGE Stick is a dry floor stripping machine that is taking the industry places. Saving up to 70% of labour time for stripping floors and eliminating the need for any chemicals, it is an investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Oscillating at 2850 rpm the rectangular head peels off sealer and polish, sands timber to perfection and scrubs deep into rough surfaces like non-slip floors. Removable weights and large rear wheels makes the Stick easy to transport in and out of vehicles and up and down steps. In summary the Conquest Edge Stick is a revolutionary dry floor stripping machine that will:

  •     Strip floors, chemical free
  •     Work right into the corners and edges
  •     Sand timber floors
  •     Scrub rubber and non slip floors
  •     Clean deep into grout lines
  •     Remove epoxy coatings and glue residue

Can you afford not to have one? If you are stripping floors without an EDGE you are wasting time!

Lease from $32 a week plus GST

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Conquest EDGE Floor scrubbing and stripping system video

The EDGE system can be used for a wide range of cleaning and stripping applications and is an effective and easy to use solution to many floor care challenges.

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