Tennant B5 and Tennant B7 battery burnishers

Product Code : TENB5/TENB7

All new Innovative Battery Powered Walk Behind Burnishers

  • Consistent Down Pressure and Pad Speed – Delivers propane like performance.
  • Low Sound Levels. Ultra quiet machines – as low as 63 dBA – ensures safe sound levels.
  • Environmental Benefits: Standard Active Dust Control with HEPA Filtration – maintains indoor air quality.
  • Operator Safety: 90 degree flip up head – enables a safe ergonomic position when changing pad.
  • Ease Of Use: Optional Set and ForgetT to allow supervisors to select optimal pad pressure for all levels of operators.
  • Reduce Cost of Clean: Easy to identify yellow maintenance touch points and onboard reference materials help operators in the operation and maitenance of the machine. 

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 B5  B7
 Working Width  510mm  610 or 690mm
 Pad Speed  2100 rpm  1875 rpm
 Power System  3 x 12V  6 x 6V
 Noise level  64 dBA  63 dBA