Gerni Poseidon 6-64FA

Price : $4,255.00
Product Code : GPoseidon 6-64FA

New Flow Activated Pump Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • The industrial cold water unit with high water flow and high pressure. Ideal for high end commercial and industrial tasks.
  • Flow activated pump system for safety and long term durability.
  • The Poseidon 6 links the advantages of high water flow and high pressure, allowing both cleaning of intense dirt and flushing and rinsing of large quantities of loose dirt. 
  • The Poseidon 6 is equipped with the heavy duty NA6 4 ceramic piston pump with a high inlet temperature of 80°C for use with pre-heated water and additional degreasing effect.
  • Silent Power: noise level reduced by more than 50% for more user comfort
  • 1450rpm motor for longer working life
  • Ergo 2000 system reduces user fatigue and strain
  • All controls are in one place – easy to use, quick to set up and run
  • Robust and stable for use in tough environments
  • Water Flow regulation on Pump
  • Low Pump oil safety function
  • High mobility with large rear wheels and front caster wheel and brake

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 Pressure 3625 psi
 Water flow 18.3 L/min
 Motor 8.5 kW 3 Phase