Karcher HDS5/11 U Compact Hot Water Washer

Price : $3,624.50
Product Code : KHDS5/11U

  • Ideal entry-level model hot water pressure washer for commercial end users.
  • Cleans at up to 80 degrees to help break down heavy dirt and grease.
  • Mobile, compact and with height adjustable aluminium push handle. 
  • Full shock resistant plastic covering that protects the high-pressure pump from damage and soiling. 
  • Tidy cable wind up with plug lock, and nozzle compartment on back of machine. 
  • Three way nozzle (pencil jet, fan jet and low pressure fan) for quick and easy adjustment. 
  • Fine mesh filter built into water supply connection to help protect the pump.
  • The three-piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons and a brass cylinder head guarantees a long service life. 
  • The pressure switch control switches the motor off automatically as soon as the handgun trigger is released, to permit energy-efficient working.

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 Pressure  1595 psi
 Water Flow  7.5 L/min
 Motor  2.2 kW 10 amp single phase