Kerrick 450mm Whirlaway

Price : $1,028.50
Product Code : NKBE2000WAW/W
  • The Kerrick 18″ (450mm) Whirlaway is a multipurpose unit that quickly eats away dirt, mould and grime
  • Works on a number of surfaces including, concrete, tiles, sidewalks and paving, without striping or causing damage.
  • The unit has a lightweight polyethylene cover and runs on four solid wheels making it easily manoeuvrable, which reduces operator fatigue.
  • The 18” Whirlaway is a popular surface cleaner for schools, retail outlets and office parking areas, warehouses and factories.
  • Alongside the 20” Whirlaway it’s also one of the best selling units to local Councils (and contract cleaners who service the Councils)
  • It’s an easy to use, effective and cost efficient solution to maintaining Australia’s public areas.
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