Power Blast CS120/10 Hot Water Washer

CS120/10 – The Compact Performer!

A compact design pressure cleaner which is easily manoeuvrable, you can take this wherever you need it. Very simple operation – on/off switch for the pump, on/off switch for the burner, and a thermostat control to easily vary the temperature. Also includes Delayed Total stop system, Interpump pump, park brake, Inlet water buffer tank and 20L diesel tank. Designed for use in semi-industrial applications where hot water is required!

Operating Pressure:     30-120 bar (435 – 1740psi)

Flow Rate:                       10L/min (600L/hr)

Max Output Temp:         80°C

Power Rating:                 230V, 15A, 50Hz

Motor Speed:                  1400rpm

Weight:                             101kg

Standard Accessories:   10m HP hose with hose winder, Trigger gun, Stainless steel lance with fan jet nozzle, detergent injection system. Turbo nozzle and extra hose optional.

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