Comac Abila 45 and Abila 50 Scrubber

Product Code : COMABILA45B

  • Suitable for the maintenance cleaning of limited-size areas and cluttered spaces with areas up to 1,400 sqm.
  • These are very compact scrubbing machines. Thanks to their width of only 50 cm  they are suitable for cluttered areas. They are especially suitable for cleaning in environments like sales points, car repair shops, gyms, health care environments and many other areas.
  • The new soundproof vacuum head, where the suction motor is fitted, protects it from water seepage and, above all, ensures extremely low noise levels without giving up suction power.
  • Easy access recovery tank for quick emptying and cleaning.
  • Battery versions come standard with on board charger.
  • Available in a range of sizes and configurations including Abila 45E electric, Abila A5B battery, Abila 50B battery, and Abila 50BT battery with traction drive.

They stand out in their segment thanks to:
  • category-leading performance
  • tank capacity
  • quiet operation, which offers high work comfort
  • reliability
  • ease of use

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Scrub Path 430 or 500 mm
 Max performance per hour 1470-1750 m2
 Solution Tank 48 L
 Recovery Tank 54 L
 Power Supply 24 V or 240V (45E only)
 Noise Level 62 dB