Comac Media 65 Scrubber

Product Code : COMM65B

  • Media 65 is a mid-sized machine, characterized by user-friendliness and low operating costs.
  • The machine drive and brushes are operated by a powerful electric motor, which is fitted on the scrubbing head.
  • In just one pass, the machine can scrub and dry perfectly on a wide range of floor surfaces


  • The Media 65 is driven by two small levers near the driving handle, so the speed can be controlled at all times.
  • The ergonomic design and ease of controls ensures intuitive driving, even for non-specialised personnel.
  • High suction power with minimum noise (59.2 dB)
  • Thanks to the new soundproof head, the Media scrubbing machines may be used for cleaning environments such as nursing homes, hospitals and rest homes, that are extremely noise-sensitive during cleaning operations, or in retail outlets such as supermarkets during normal opening hours.

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Scrub Path 660 mm
 Max performance per hour 2,800 m2
 Solution Tank 85 L
 Recovery Tank 95 L
 Power Supply 24 V
 Noise Level  <59.2 dB