Comac Omnia 32 Scrubber

Product Code : COMO32

  • Large industrial grade scrubber with automatic traction.
  • The Omnia is extremely versatile thanks to the wide range of accessories which can be supplied, such as polypropelene or tynex brushes in variable bristle size and squeegee rubbers with different  levels of hardness.
  • The strong mechanical structure and the high performance of its 36-Volt components can endure long cleaning sessions and work on demanding surfaces.


  • Ease of use through cleverly designed instrument panel which, with switches and warning lamps, gives clear and comprehensive information on the machine status.
  • Ergonomically arranged control panel.
  • Both solution and recovery tanks made from extremely robust and durable roto-moulded polyethelene.


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Scrub Path 830 mm
 Max performance per hour 3,320 m2
 Solution Tank 105 L
 Recovery Tank  115 L
 Power Supply  36 V
 Noise Level  <70 dB