Hako Scrubmaster B10 Battery Scrubber

Product Code : HAKB10

The Hako Scrubmaster B10 provides wet scrubbing and dry cleaning in one single operation. Handy, multi-purpose and ideal for narrow spaces and smaller areas.

Advantages of the Scrubmaster B10

  • Compact, robust, and easy to use.
  • Able to work below tables, etc.
  • Compact for transport and storing due to contour-adapted and foldable handlebar.
  • Perfect results at edges due to projecting brush head. This avoids intensive re-working.
  • Twin cylindrical brushes for optimum cleaning of structured floors and joints.
  • Easy and quick brush replacement.
  • Optimal collection of the dirty water  due to squeegee automation for forward/reverse.
  • Removable water tanks allow easy filling and emptying.
  • Stairs  can be easily mounted due to the wheel geometry (wheel diameter 170mm).

Rental Price : Lease from $35 + GST per week

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Hako Scrubmaster B10

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Working Width 350 mm