Hako Scrubmaster B90 and B120 Scrubbers

Product Code : HAKSCMB90
  • The Scrubmaster B90 and B120 arethe right machines for fast,
    thorough routine cleaning.
  • Equipped with either a cylindrical brush or disk brush unit, a working width of 60 to 85 cm, an operating time of up to 4 hours and numerous options leave no customer demands to be desired.
  • Excellentview, a high degree of maneuverability, easy operation (green Hakomatic button with the CL model) and optimum vacuuming up of the cleaning solution distinguish its simple but reliable advantages.
  • In addition, the solution and recovery tanks of the Scrubmaster B90 are provided with the Hako-AntiBacĀ® feature which considerably reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the tanks.

Rental Price : Lease from $98 per week

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Hako Scrubmaster B90

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Working Width 650,750 or 850 disc or 600 and 700 Cylindrical B90 mm
Solution Tank 85L B90 or 114L B120
Recovery Tank 85L B90 or 114L B120
Power Supply 24V battery