Motor Scrubber ProWash

Product Code : MS-PROWASH

Motor Scrubber ProWash with chemical injection system. Powerful, lightweight, 12-Volt battery powered cleaning and polishing system for reliable, safe use on floors, walls, painted surfaces, or any hard to reach areas. MotorScrubber making cleaning enjoyable. MotorScrubber ProWash was developed to beat manual methods which are very labour intensive, often with poor and disappointing results.

  • Unique machine allows mechanical scrubbing with chemical injection for large surfaces.
  • Able to apply chemical at a high level.
  • Scrub gently from side to side while gravity pulls down the chemical.
  • Easily rinse with on demand fresh water.
  • Drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
  • 3 x faster scrubbing than manual methods
  • The cleaning results from 354rpm are incredible making light work of heavily soiled surfaces.
  • Excellent for cleaning vinyl siding, cladding, guttering, commercial signage, trucks, trains, planes, boats and any large vehicle.
  • Very simple to use, no need to learn complicated controls. Plug and go!
  • Huge 4 hour runtime with just 8 hour recharge
  • For an all in one professional cleaning system ProWash is the only choice.
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