Motor Scrubber

Price : $1,095.00
Product Code : MS2000M

A powerful, lightweight, 12-Volt battery powered cleaning and polishing system for reliable, safe use on floors, walls, painted surfaces, or any hard to reach areas.

  • Designed for safe reliable use, the Motor Scrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your restrooms, showers, locker rooms, windows, stairwells, pools, and motor vehicles.
  • The Motor Scrubber operates off a 12-volt DC battery, which is safe for use around water. The Motor Scrubber allows you to scrub and polish where there is no electric outlet available.
  • The Motor Scrubber comes supplied with a 12 volt DC battery pack and harness. The supplied 12 volt battery provides up to 4 hours of intermittent use and recharges in 8 hours.
  • To charge the battery, just plug it into the automatic charger supplied and leave to charge overnight.

Standard Kit Includes: Scrubber, Handle, Battery with Harness and Cord, Medium Brush, Pad Holder, Microfibre pad, and 3 Pads.

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Moto Scrubber compact scrubber

PowerVac presents the new Motor Scrubber, the ideal solution for scrubbing hard to reach areas

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