Nilfisk SC351 Compact Battery Scrubber

Product Code : NILSC350

Compact scrubber/dryer to clean forward and backwards everywhere

The new Nilfisk SC351 represents revolutionary new thinking in small walk-behind scrubber/dryers. The battery operated machine has a rotating deck system, which integrates the squeegee into the deck itself.

  • The SC350 is the first compact unit able to clean in all directions going either forward or backwards. In fact the new deck concept enables the SC351 to scrub and dry in both directions – forward or backwards, while the water is kept inside the brush deck while working.
  • The outstanding brush pressure and the high vacuum power ensure the best performance and results. Furthermore, it is a start and go machine, which doesn’t require any training.
  • All components are immediately accessible without the need of tools making maintenance fast,easy and highly performing.
  • The on board battery charger and lightweight Optima batteries make the Nilfisk SC351 lighter, more eco-friendly and provides ample time for efficient cleaning.
  • New rotating deck system (with integrated squeegee): first compact unit to clean and dry going either forward or backwards.
  • Cleans even hard to reach areas that are inaccessible to typical scrubber/dryers
  • Low noise level enables daytime cleaning, even in noise sensitive locations
  • Optima batteries: high productivity, constant performance, less weight, less lead, fast recharge capability
  • Standard on board charger
  • 27 kg of down pressure for excellent scrubbing effectiveness 

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 Working Width  370 mm
 Solution Tank  11 L
 Recovery Tank  11 L
 Power Supply  12V Optima Battery
 Noise level  64 dBA
 Self Propelled  No

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