TASKI swingo 350 compact scrubber

Available in battery swingo 350B or cable electric swingo 350E versions

Accessibility in Confined Areas

  • Due to the very low height of the machine body and the handle which can be folded backwards the machine can reach under obstacles such as tables or racks.
  • The roller brush, which is offset to the side, allows edge-close cleaningas well as access to corners.
  • The wiping blade in front of the brush helps to remove the cleaning solution also when moving the machine backwards.

Cleaning & Drying Effectiveness

  • Compared to manual cleaning the machine delivers significantly higher hygiene levels and improves the floor appearance as well as consistency of result.
  • This is achieved through maximum scrubbing action and the innovative V-shaped squeegee which leads to excellent drying results, even on difficult floors such as tiles with deep grout, and uneven floors.

Safety and Simplicity

  • Due to the system’s perfect drying results the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to the minimum. This makes TASKI swingo 350B the perfect solution for use in day-time operations, even in high traffic areas.
  • The ergonomically designed, height adjustable handle with hand protection allows for the safe and comfortable use of the machine.

Reliability & Robustness

  • The machine is very robust and durable and can withstand even the toughest cleaning tasks, making it one of the most
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TASKI swingo 350 video

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Working Width  380 mm
 Solution Tank  10 L
 Recovery Tank  10 L
 Power Supply  240V cable or 12V battery