Tennant T1 and T1B Battery compact scrubber

Product Code : TENT1
Powerful & Compact Scrubber for Small Areas – available in cable or battery powered versions

Deliver superior results in the small spaces you couldn’t clean before with the versatile T1 floor scrubber:

  • For the first time, drastically improve the health and safety of tight spaces with the T1 scrubber’s compact, best-in-class design.
  • Reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in narrow, congested spaces with excellent water recovery- even in forward and reverse manoeuvres.
  • Improve environmental health by reducing bacteria growth with easy to clean and sanitise Hygenic® tanks.

Key reliability and performance features:

  • Increase your floor’s cleanliness, with the T1 scrubber’s 15 kg of focused down pressure and 1200 rpm brush speed.
  • Maximize productivity with cord-electric power and an efficient 11.4 L solution tank that delivers up to 30-minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Efficiently scrub in all directions and around obstacles with the T1’s highly manoeuvrable four-caster design and exclusive Insta-AdjustT handle.
  • Easy-to-fill, -empty, and -clean Hygenic tanks offer tremendous convenience in even the most inconvenient locations.
  • Ergonomic handles and grips decrease fatigue and increase operator satisfaction.

Key available accessories: 3 brush types:  soft nylon, polypropylene, and abrasive bristle

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Find out more about the Tennant T1 floor scrubber from PowerVac

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PowerVac introduces the Tennant T1 compact floor scrubber.

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Find out how to use and care for your T1B scrubber

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Working Width  380 mm
 Solution Tank  11.4 L
 Recovery Tank  17 L
 Power Supply  240V cable or 12V battery

Lease a Tennant T1 scrubber: T1 electric from $25 per week T1 AGM battery from $30 per week T1 Lithium Ion battery from $34 per week Lease subject to conditions and approval. To find out more contact PowerVac by clicking Enquire Now below.