Tennant T16 Industrial Ride on Scruuber

Product Code : TENT16

Commercial and Industrial ride on scrubber from Tennant: Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with the Innovative T16 Rider Floor Scrubber

  • Achieve up to 20% lower total cost of ownership than comparable machines with Tennant’s quality construction and innovative technologies. Based on acquisition cost, consumables maintenance, and Tennant’s traditionally higher resale value.
  • Clean anytime, anywhere with the whisper-quiet T16 at 68 dBA.
  • Enhance productivity and safety with this ride-on floor scrubber’s user-friendly design and Touch-n-Go controls.

Key Reliability and Performance Features of the T16 Industrial Scrubber:

  • Scrub along edges for improved productivity with Tennant’s unique scrubbing side brush.
  • Maximize the performance and productivity of your ride-on scrubber with a large 190 L solution tank.
  • Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water ec-H2O chemical-free cleaning technology.
  • Expect excellent water and residue recovery with the T16’s patented Dura-Trak Parabolic Squeegee system.

ec-H2O Chemical-free Cleaning Technology:

  • Increase Safety – high traction certified by NFSI
  • Reduce Costs – eliminate the purchase of daily cleaners

The Tennant T16 replaces the older Tennant 7200 and Tennant T15 model scrubbers.

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Tennant T16 scrubber video

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 Scrub Path Disk  910 mm
or 1145mm with SSB
 Scrub Path Cylindrical  910 mm
 Solution Tank  190 L
 Recovery Tank  225 L
 Power Supply  36 V







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