Karcher SV1902 Domestic Steam Vacuum

Price : $1,290.00
Product Code : KSV1902


  • Easy, convenient, fast and without chemicals – the SV 1902 premium class steam cleaner is suitable for all cleaning tasks in the home. Then it’s: Full steam ahead!
  • The steam floor nozzle with vacuum function is ideal for dry vacuuming all types of floors and steam vacuuming hard floors (e.g. tiles).
  • The steam vacuum function refreshes carpets and upholstery quickly and easily.
  • Hot steam dislodges dirt and neutralises unpleasant odours. Dissolved dirt and steam are immediately vacuumed away after cleaning.
  • The cleaning power can be adjusted suit the cleaning task with the on-board steam control and suction control on the handle.
  • The vacuumed liquid and dirt are reliably retained in a water filter and can subsequently be emptied. The additional HEPA 12 filter retains the smallest allergenic particles.
  • The exhaust air of the steam cleaner is cleaner than the ambient air.
  • The refill tank can be filled for continuous use.
  • Applications: the SV 1902 is applicable anywhere in the household including: floor cleaning, other hard surface cleaning, other cleaning applications, ironing (with optional accessory).



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