Pegaso Heavy Duty Steam Vacuum

9 Bar Heavy Duty Steam Vacuum

  • The biggest and toughest cleaning tasks are no longer a problem with this new flagship model.
  • Stainless steel boiler and housings for durability and reliability.
  • High temperature low pressure steam simply dissolves dirt away. Surfaces are cleaned and sanitised with the minimum use of chemicals or detergents saving time and money while safeguarding the environment.
  • The optional twin hose socket allows the operator to seamlessly switch from steam only hose to steam and vacuum hose.
  • Utilising dry steam heated over 100°C, germs, grease and grime will be easily and quickly removed.
  • The integral heavy duty wet/dry vacuum will clean up the residue while you steam, resulting in an instantly touch-dry surface ready for use.
  • A detergent injection facility enables the addition of a suitable detergent to the dry steam jet.


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Steam Cleaner for Car Detailing

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