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Steam-e Chewing Gum Removal System

Steam-e present a battery powered chewing gum removal machine

  • Chewing gum removal has become a world wide cleaning concern. Chewing gum is dropped in public places every day and everywhere. Removing chewing gum is a huge problem for everyone.
  • The solution to removing chewing gum litter in any place and at any time is a battery powered chewing gum removal machine – the Steam-e!
  • The Steam-e delivers steam at the point of contact. Simple.
  • Steam-e machines don’t rely on a wasteful boiler system, mains power or LPG (propane).
  • Efficiency is at the heart of the machine. A single charge is enough power to remove a staggering 2,000 pieces of chewing gum!
  • The wand for the operator weighs less than 1kg ensuring fatigue free cleaning.
  • The whole unit is light enough to be comfortably carried and transported at 12kgs.
  • The ergonomic Steam-e handle contains the “steam on demand” technology. The whole handle is cool to the touch and lightweight to use.
  • Ideal for quickly removing gum from seats on trains and in cinemas.
  • With the extension poles the steam-e makes light work of removing gum from all hard surfaces, Tarmac and carpets.
  • Our unique brush “Quick Release” system means fast and safe removal with no need to ever touch a hot brush again!
  • The Right Product. The Right Solution.Steam-e is not only the best battery powered steam producing machine in the world but also the safest!  No power cables & No explosive and flammable gas!

Safety First

  • Steam-e is not only the quickest steam producing machine in the world but also the safest!
  • Other boiler based steam machines need to be plugged in to the mains or a generator. By having power cables these machines increase the risk of ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ – The leading cause of accidents in the work place.
  • Other LPG (propane) based steam cleaning machines are powered by explosive and flammable gas …

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Steam-e gum removal system

Introducing the Steam-e gum removal system for quick and easy removal of unsightly gum

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Steam-e operator instructions

Find out how easy the Steam-e is to operate

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