SW7 7 Bar Commerical Steamer

Price : $2,419.00
  • Steam with Hot Water injection 7 Bar Steam pressure
  • It’s a high powered steam cleaner boasting a huge 7 Bars of steam pressure with the ability to inject hot water to wash away stubborn grease and grime with ease.
  • The SW7 is powered by high temperature steam which cleans deep below the surface to lift stubborn dirt and grime like other cleaners can’t.
  • It can clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including a large range of floor types, walls, windows, curtains, mattresses upholstery, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Made in Italy with a stainless steel boiler the SW7 is an ideal entry level commercial steamer.

Pressure: 7bar – 120 PSI
Max Power:230V/2400W
Amperage: 10 amps
Material of boiler: stainless
Automatic refilling of boiler
Steam temperature: 162°C (boiler)
Heating time: 4 minutes
Water tank capacity: 2.2 l
Boiler capacity: 2.6 l
Water level alarm
Voltage on handle: 5 V
Net weight 8.6Kg
Power cable: 7 m long
Size : L48 x W31 x H28 cm

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