Tennant ASC-57 All Surface Cleaner

Product Code : TENASC-57

Excellent high- or low-pressure touchless cleaning and drying without cross-contamination

  • Improves operator comfort and cleaning job quality by providing a no-touch tool for cleaning germ filled environments like public restrooms and showers.
  • Quickly and thoroughly cleans a variety of surfaces from fixtures and toilets to floors and vertical hard surfaces leaving a spot-free shine.
  • Effectively eliminates cross contamination with standard parts, including a clean air blower motor and separate recovery hose.

Key reliability and performance features

  • 10 standard tools and accessories include a clean air blower hose and a floor “gulper tool” for rooms without drains.
  • Roto-moulded tanks and covers provide corrosion and dent proof durability
  • The industry’s best warranty for multi-surface cleaners.
  • Clam shell design allows easy access to internal components.
  • Low profile design for greater stability.
  • Floor wand option allows operators to extraction-clean small, carpeted areas.



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