Conquest BROOM walk behind sweeper

Price : $473.00
Product Code : CQBROOM
  • Perfect for cafes, bakeries and busy retail environment.
  • The BROOM boasts a rechargeable Li-ion battery for 40 minutes of continuous sweeping.
  • With ergonomic features, the fexible handle joint allows for extreme manoeuvrability, perfect for cleaning hard to reach places.
  • The Conquest BROOM’s cordless design also makes it simple and safe to sweep up in crowded spaces without a trail of hazardous cords behind you.
  • Height adjustable with telescopic tube for maximum operator comfort
  • Flexible joint enabling cleaning in all directions
  • Compact design allows for cleaning under furniture and in hard to reach areas and storage in small spaces
  • Clean along walls and in corners with the help of 2 side brushes
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides maximum power and longevity with fast re-charge
  • Self-adjustable brushes adapt to uneven floor surfaces
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