Kerrick SP13 Dust Extractor

Price : $139.50
Product Code : NKSP13
  • The Telecontrol SP13 is a 2 in 1 unit: a dry vacuum and dust extractor when connected to a power tool via the built in power socket.
  • This 37 litre capacity vacuum cleaner with semi-automatic filter shaker is ideal for picking up very fine dust such as gyprock, brick, MDF and fibre board.
  • With a 1500 watt single stage by pass vac motor, it features a remote control for use with power/air tools.
  • What makes this product unique is that the operator can clean the filter at any time just by switching off the tool and letting the automatic filter cleaning start.
  • This tradie vacuum cleaner with power tool connector is ideally suited to the building and construction industries as well as the hire industry.
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