Kerrick VH 3 Flow

Price : $3,630.00
Product Code : NKVH3LFOW
  • This industrial fine dust vacuum cleaner is the solution the market has been waiting for.
  • It handles fine dust with ease, has an anti-clogging filter system, easy waste disposal and an operator friendly nature.
  • The 3 Flow Maxi Bag Fine Dust Vac features automatic and continual filter cleaning during operation.
  • Working automatically and cyclically 2 motors provide suction while the other motor idles and is cleaned.
  • This innovative cyclone system prevents down time and expenses from clogged filters and burnt out motors!
  • Instead of a standard tank the machine comes equipped with a 20m long maxibag system that can be sectioned off and thrown away as required, without disrupting operations and without releasing waste materials into the air.
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