Nilfisk 3997 Industrial Vacuum

Product Code : NIL3997
  • The most powerful “mobile” Nilfisk-CFM industrial vacuum, featuring 30 HP and up to 36000 l/m airflow.
  • Designed for heavy duty and continuous use.
  • Excellent filtering efficiency thanks to the electric filter shaker.
  • Vacuometer monitors the filter.
  • Despite its size, it is very easy to move and to use.
  • Easily extractible container.
  • The control panel includes on-off switches, timer and manometer.
  • This vacuum is also equipped with lifting brackets or clamp and brackets and includes an accessory box.
  • High suction power.
  • Absolute filter version.
  • “L”, “M”,“H”, or PTFE filter Stainless steel versions available.
  • Available in hazardous explosive version.
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