Nilfisk IVB5 & IVB5H Industrial Vac

Product Code : NILIVB5M

Replaced by Nilfisk VHS42 L40 HAZ

Approved for healthy cleaning

  • The Nilfisk IVB 5 is equipped with the XtremeClean system which cleans the filter automatically while you work.
  • IVB 5 will solve all major tasks across a range of applications – trades, workshop, garage, production etc.
  • The IVB 5 is available in two variants IVB5M and IVB5H. The H health & safety variant complies with all current requirements of Australian standards for dealing with hazardous dusts.
  • The IVB 5 series is equipped with the XtremeClean system which allows automatic cleaning of the filter cartridge while vacuuming on full suction performance.
  • The XtremeClean technology blasts the dirt off the filter and the suction performance is always high.
  • The M class version is equipped with washable M-Class PET Fleece filter element – Easy and economical maintenance.
  • SoftStart. A gentle motor startup keeps the starting current low. For easy starting on limited electrical systems
  • Auto On/Off. In combination with powered tools the machine starts and stops automatically when you start or stop the power tool
  • Speed governor. To reduce suction performance and noise level and to prevent that the power tool sticking to the working surface


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Capacity  45 L
Suction  60 L/sec
 Power  1200 W
 Noise level  54 dB
 Weight  17  Kg