Nilfisk Spirovac High Power Vacuums

  • High power industrial vacuums are irreplaceable tools in the heavy industry to collect dusty or granular materials that escape during the working process.
  • Waste collection prevents product contamination and working machines’ stops.
  • Material recovery grants immediate saving.
  • High power industrial vacuums are especially designed to collect materials in large quantities, heavy and/or in big sizes.
  • Moreover, extremely reduced maintenance, easy operation and extraordinary performance allow to rapidly pay off the investment, thus making high power vacuums an exceptionally productive tool.
  • These powerful vacuums are made of thick metal plate to resist stress and abrasions, with few moving parts to avoid motion damage.
  • The essence of Power, Strength and Simplicity.
  • Models Compact AC37AV and Multivac AM45AV are also available in ATEX II3D version, in compliance with Directive 94/9/EC, for application in Zone 22.
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