T9/1 Battery Powered Vacuum

Product Code : KT9/1

The new T 9/1 dry vacuum cleaner features unique hybrid technology: depending on requirements, the unit can be operated in either the mains or battery-powered mode.

Benefits of battery operation include:

  • More productive
  • Access to areas without power supply
  • Cable free for improved occupational health and safety
  • The sound level in battery operation is very quiet 58 dB(A) and makes the unit ideal for   cleaning during normal business hours.

Other Features:

  • The 10-metre power cable can be wound round the cable wrap integrated in the motor head.
  • The unit comes complete with two batteries and 4-way high-speed charger
  • Exceptionally tear-resistant disposable fleece filter bags can be used, the fleece filter holds twice as much dust and dirt as a conventional paper filter bag.
  • The advanced lithium ion batteries provide up to 40% more energy, and they are about 40% lighter than conventional NiCd or NiMH batteries.
  • Run time with two batteries is 35 minutes. Recharging takes only 60 minutes per battery.
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